Millie on the cover of Juno

I loved going to the post office and picking up the winter issue of Juno Magazine with a photo of my little Amelia on the cover. I love being involved with a publication whose values so closely mirror my own.

This is taken from their website: JUNO promotes a natural approach to family life that inspires and supports parents as they journey through the challenges of parenting. We have an ethos based on conscious parenting, sustainability, social justice, non-violence and a commitment to personal growth and spiritual awareness and share fresh perspectives in this fast-paced technological world, creating a non-judgemental community for those who are keen to follow “a natural approach to family life”

Here are a few photos of the cover of the issue (with a hot mug of tea to enjoy, of course!).

I am totally biased, but I think Amelia is the cutest little cover model ever =)cover_issue30_small2

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