Little Miss A. – April 17, 2009

I took Lilah to the park today with my good friend and her eleven month old daughter. It was so beautiful outside. We shed our winter layers of jackets and sweaters and walked on the beach with our babes in their slings. Summer no longer seems like some far off dream. Of course we had to bring our trusty Nikons and take some shots. These are some of the photos. I have never seen eyes bluer than little A.’s…

12213141516I think this last one is my favourite.

2 thoughts on “Little Miss A. – April 17, 2009

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I’d love to order some prints of these… are they still available?
    If so, I’d like a 5×7 of #2 and #3 and a 4×6 of #4 & #6.
    Hope all is well with your little baby L and A… and we should get together soon!

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