Little A. and L. – Newborn Twins – June 11, 2010

These little guys were so adorable. I was told that Mr. L. was a little fussier than his brother, but we took off their clothes and snuggled them together, and they could have slept in their little hug all day long without a peep. I chose to post just the simple photos. No props, no clothes – just babies…

Vikky and Max, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. Your children (all four of them!!) are so adorable.1102332425262728292102112122132142152162182

8 thoughts on “Little A. and L. – Newborn Twins – June 11, 2010

  1. omg Sarah,we are so thrilled!!you did such an amazing job,they are beautiful!thanks so much.

  2. Vikky and Max, congratulations for having such a beautiful family. My heart filled with such an emotion when I saw the beautiful pictures of your family. God has blessed you with your boys for being such a nice people. Congratulations once again.

  3. OMG – Viki your family is beautiful and SArah you captured them so well I cried. Best newborn pictures I have ever seen. Fantastic!

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