I have heard it said that a photographer spends a lifetime taking pictures that, in the end, amount to nothing more than a few moments. It is these moments, both fleeting and unscripted, which guide my passion for photography. If my life’s work amounts to a mere handful of these moments – I will feel nothing if not blessed to have been given the rare opportunity to capture an instant of something true and real.

The hopeful anticipation on a pregnant mother’s face as she caresses a life growing within her belly A toddler’s expression of curiosity and glee as he feels sand between his toes for the first time The delight of a five-year-old girl twirling in her favourite pink tutu – her face lifted to the sun A loving glance shared between a husband and wife as they gaze at their newborn babe…

Our lives are filled with these flickering moments of truth. Many will fade to memory. Others will be forgotten. My hope is to help you create a lasting visual reminder of your life’s most cherished moments – not with a studio backdrop or a regimented schedule – but rather a patch of earth and a few hours of time.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Love, Sarah